The idea behind this site.

As a hawsepipe mariner, I've come upon many obstacles and roadblocks while working my way up from virtually the sea floor in my career on the ocean.  Hurdles are normal in any challenging career, however sometimes they appear to bare weight due to my being a woman among men.  During these various periods of duress, loneliness and stress while working at sea I've been searching for a website, or an online chat arena that I could consult. Simply looking to build my confidence, increase my courage to stand up for myself, or to access information that may be helpful for a stressful situation, career advancement, conferences I could attend and guidance.  I found that there was a significant lack of information on the web to accomidate these needs.  Or at least if they are out there, they are difficult to find.  I've decided to start one now, and see if I can build an all womans support network for us climbing the chain in the sea of men.  Please join me in this attempt at consolidating information by sharing your experiences on the forum and perhaps advice.