What to bring with you on the boat

So I've been asked by a lot of you to put a list up of "don't forget" items to bring when you get on the boat for sea.  I'll do my best here to list some of the things I always take with me and add more if you seafarers email me and wish to add things of your own.  This list is basic stuff, not taking account climate/weather items that vary with where you are sailing in the world. 

-Tampons/Women Hygiene Items (most of the time I bring at least an extra months supply, sometimes when at sea I've noticed changes in my cycle where I've used more than normal, and it is not an option to run out)

-Shampoo & Conditioner (there usually is plenty of mens crappy shampoo (3 in 1) on the boat, but I have yet to be on one yet with conditioner (I found out the hard way and accidently bought two shampoos with me and no conditioner yikes!))  It's tough to estimate how much you'll use /month at sea, but plan accordingly)

-Bar Soap (with all the shampoo/condit bar soap I've found to be easier/lighter when packing versus other soaps and it lasts longer)

- Shower flip flops

-10 days worth of undies/sportsbras & socks (usually you can do laundry frequently so don't overpack)

-2-3 pairs of work jeans and or 2 pairs of work shorts (if needed, mind you depending on the nature of the boat, sometimes shorts are not allowed)

-1-2 pairs of long underwear (tops and bottoms)

-One or two pairs of comfy clothes to hang out in during your time off watch

-Fitted bottom sheet & mattress pad (most boats have bad linens, I found I feel more comfortable If I bring my own twin size setup)

-pillow (not completely necessary, but I love mine and won't leave home without it)

-books/tablet ie. something to read (there are still many boats without internet while you are offshore, make sure you can entertain yourself during your down time)

-I have a little exercise kit, jump rope, rubber bands etc small and packable but effective ways to keep in shape (with that, shoes/exercise clothes might be needed